We’ve updated all our packages to ensure you get the most value for your money.

We also have special charity and military rates. Contact us to find out more.


A great way to meet like-minded women, gain exposure and benefit from free tutorials, online meetings and discounted in-person events. There are preferential member discounts with local suppliers and access to a private ‘members only’  Facebook group.


In addition to all the benefits of Silver, access all our events, online business training and gain access to a targeted promotional platform.  Extra benefits include Sales coaching for your business.


I think this is a fabulous network of ladies from all walks of life with a variety of knowledge and experiences. There’s much to be gained from joining a network such as this and sharing ideas together.

Lucy Pittaway, Artist

The great thing about this network is the effort people put in. From behind the scenes to those running events and those who respond to queries and questions. My main reason for joining was the inspired thinking of the owner Sharon Davis who has some heavy weight business, consultancy and journalistic skills that I think are missing from many network leaderships. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this a group where you can ply your wares, and sell, sell, sell. It just isn’t like that. If you do you will be disappointed. But if you want to think, learn, create, and be part of an engaging educated community, then sign up now!

Kathy Scott, Ginger Tree