Being passionate about nature and the environment has led Sarah Louise Olney to a varied and fulfilling career in hairdressing and holistic treatments. She takes care to work with responsibly-sourced products, as well as allowing lessons from her travels around the globe to inform her business practices and goals.

What’s the story behind your business? How did you get started? 

I live in a cosy little cottage nestled amongst the beautiful Swaledale Hills in Reeth, and I have a little hide-away room in my home where I can give natural beauty and holistic treatments. I am also a freelance hairdresser. Originally a Richmond girl, I have spent my life in the countryside with my horses and dogs. I have been very blessed to have travelled the world four times and met some incredibly talented and knowledgeable people  and animals  along the way. I am humbled to have visited breath-taking scenery and to have been invited to explore local areas and delve into local life: From ranches in Colorado and rafting in the rainforests of North Queensland, Australia, to experiencing sweat lodges in Canada and swimming with dolphins in Western Australia.

My heart is with Mother Nature, and I am extremely passionate about the world we live in and believe that humans and animals can peacefully co-exist. Although I was travelling, I was also working to build my knowledge and gain more experience regarding my natural horsemanship teaching (some people call this horse whispering). Essentially, I am looking at working at one with my horse and building a mental calmness as well as a willing relationship and bond. My focus was shifted in Cairns, Australia way back in the late 80s when the locals were noticing damage to the Great Barrier Reef. This damage was mostly caused by contamination from sun creams and its chemicals. That enlightening awareness is with me to this day. Whilst visiting Fiji and being invited into the fold, we spent our days making pure coconut oil – it was 50 coconuts and a three-day process! Recycled bottles were used – yes, even then, 20 years ago, plastic bottles were starting to wash up on the beach. This oil was pure bliss, heaven in a bottle – it melted on your skin with every massaging stroke, and soothed away any anxiety with a warmness which went straight to your heart. I will remember the aroma forever. So why were the younger generation intent on chemicals in a plastic bottle with a fake blue colour, sold to them when the ships came in? It’s hard to comprehend when you have such sustainable natural beauty at your fingertips.

How has that bought you to where you are today?

I decided to enhance my career by qualifying to give holistic treatments: Aromatherapy, reflexology and Indian head massage. This also led me to hairdressing and beauty, where I could continue the trend of working towards an inner calmness and nurturing, quality relaxation time within clients’ busy lives. Running my own business, I have to endeavour to give myself ‘time out’ too. So there begins a new chapter in my life.

I have been qualified in the above fields for almost 20 years now. My business is always evolving, and I am now using products with which I’m happy: For example, I’ve discovered an Italian hair colour which is kinder to you and your hair, allowing natural tones to shine through. Two years ago, I also discovered Tropic Skincare, which ticks all my boxes. The ingredients are from the Tropics and hold the highest nutrient value. Tropic Skincare is a carbon-neutral, vegan, cruelty-free and plant-based company. Their SPF creams can be used in national parks and oceans around the world. The delicious range of ingredients smell, feel and have a science behind them that works. No chemicals are added, no unsustainable palm oil is used, and there are no parabens. Everything is freshly blended to order in Great Britain, so it reaches you in its best state.

What are your top three business goals for the future? And your top marketing or social media tip?

My top three business goals would be: 1. Grow my Tropic business. If anybody would like to join me in this incredible journey, please contact me; I would welcome having another team ambassador by my side. 2. To evolve alongside Mother Nature, keeping my business clean, simple and honest. This would also be my marketing tip – keep yourself real and grounded, never get too big for your boots. 3. To give back – back to nature, back to my community and back to my loyal customers.

How can people find out more about what you do?

To book a Tropic Skincare discovery gathering, or to join my Tropical Goodness Facebook group, please arrange through any of the contacts given. You can email me on or reach me by telephone on 07875 926946. If you’d like to enjoy 10% off your next order with me when you spend over £20 (offer ends 3rd January, excludes delivery charges), go to my web shop, create an account, click ‘yes’ for ambassador contact and input ‘Sarah Olney’. Enter discount code ‘WELCOME10’. Last date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is 16th December. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

You can visit Sarah’s Tropic Skincare page here, as well as follow her on Instagram or find her on Facebook.