Sharon Davis is the founder Dales Business Women and often gets asked if there is a profile of her on the blog. Seven months since the interview series began, she’s reluctantly given in. Read on to find out more about the face behind the DBW brand, and what else she gets up to when she’s not connecting women with each other. 

What’s the story behind your business? How did you get started?
I thought up Dales Business Women in October last year. It was about 2am, I couldn’t sleep and I was 16 weeks pregnant – I tend to get a lot of ideas at this time of night but this one has developed into something quite wonderful. The network has given me the chance to meet like-minded people, which is important when working from home in a rural area with a small baby. Anyone who’s spent any time with me knows that I’m pretty passionate about business, and the opportunity to help self-employed, professional and business women connect, build friendships and do business has been amazing.

On the marketing front I’ve been freelancing and doing business in various guises for the last eight years, having been employed in media and journalism roles for five years before that. When I moved to the Dales in 2016 I took a break from self-employment but picked it up again at the beginning of 2017; I now use Dales Marketing as the umbrella for all the various PR and marketing services I offer.

What’s a typical day like for you?
No two days are the same, especially not now! I do most of my work in the evenings and while my daughter, Amabella, is napping. During the day when not working, I’m at baby groups, meeting people for coffees and having meetings. I try to go to two baby groups a week and have two work related meet ups a week – it gets me out of the house and seems like a fair split of time for us both!

What’s the toughest part of your job?
Working on my businesses while also delivering the services, is a constant balancing act even with the support of a virtual assistant and a freelancer. Another very new juggling act for me is working as a new mum – working in the evenings having looked after Amabella all day is pretty hard going, even with a decent night’s sleep! Thankfully this is temporary as I have some part-time childcare arrangements in place.

And the best part?
The ability to create something out of nothing. I get such a buzz from seeing something become a reality that was once a small thought.

What are your top three business goals for the next 12 months?
I’ve been working on loads of new services and products for both Dales Business Women and Dales Marketing, including DBW member subscription options; seeing those things come to fruition is my main objective at the moment.

Secondly, I’d love to do a short PR campaign abroad for an event or project. I had so much fun and learned so much the last time I did this – maybe this time I could tie it in with a family holiday.

Finally, I’m trying to work smart, and be strategic in how I do business and use my time. I want to continue to learn about different ways to do this over the next 12 months.

What’s your top marketing or social media tip?
Be personable and real – people buy people after all. Also diversify your marketing methods; social media algorithms are changing all the time, and even with the best social media engagement, I still hear people say they struggle to convert these into sales.

If you do want to learn about being strategic with your social media and marketing I run one-to-one sessions and training for small groups.

How can people find out more about what you do?
Come along to our next networking event in Hawes, I’d love to meet you!

You can follow Dales Business Women on Instagram, and if you’re a self-employed or business woman then join our online community. You can also find Dales Marketing online.